My name is Walter Mairena

I’m a 36 years old Computer Engineering graduate, I design websites since 2001, being paid for it since 2003 and algonside my university studies I always worked as a Freelance, designing websites before the responsive websites era. I started when we used tables to layout websites as the best option, then web started standardizing and I started doing layouts using divs and percentages before the viewport was taken into consideration by the masses.

I used Flash when it still belonged to Macromedia, back in the MX version if I can correctly recall, when it was the only way to do animations and “flashy” interactions in websites (the GIF’s golden era had already passed), this allowed me to teach courses in 2 higher studies centers, where I met very talented and smart people.

I always searched for knowledge beyond what I was being thaught, but I have to aknowledge that without the excellent foundation given to me at the university maybe my professional development field would have not been the same. This curiosity took me to places like Cristalab and Maestros del Web and I witnessed how a latin education empire, as it is Platzi, was being formed.

Hand in hand with website development, the need to have better control over the environment in which my works were going to be performing, led me to inquire about the technologies that allowed said websites to function, such as web servers, control panels, operating system distributions, server side technologies, amongst others.

The past years I have also acquired field experience in the granular administration of enterprise networks, preparation and mitigation for eventual network, server and website attacks, along with their optimization for optimal performance.

Self portrait